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Mono Ultra Black

Mono Ultra Black

We produce mono-crystalline for residential, commercial and industrial’s installation or for refurbishment. Our mono-crystalline is ranging from 90W to 330W.
Our Mono comes with a frame of 35 mm or 40 mm silver color, 60 or 72 cells.
This special version ULTRA BLACK comes with Fully Black Ribbon in order to offer a very unique and eye-catching solar panel.

Find the full datasheet and details here.

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Our solar products are subjected to up to a half dozen individual checks and inspections before being packaged. Tests are including infrared scanning, electroluminescence testing, thermal cycling, freeze-thaw testing (VDE Switzerland level), damp-heat testing, moisture penetration, UV degradation, wind load test (IEC61215 TÜV standard), waterproof test (IEC61730 TÜV standard), PID resistance, Ammonia resistance, and Salt spray resistance. Each module undergoes a flash test and EL test individually, and all of the results are archived in our database.

Hanover Solar values quality more than anything and the way we test our quality is on the top priority, including wind load test, hail hit test, water test, fire test, high salt resistance, ammonia resistance, as well as anti-PID test.
Hanover Solar aim is to guarantee each module would be the best of all.

Among which, wind load test is to make sure modules work well under strong wind; hail hit test guarantees modules survive hail hits; waterproof assures the good function in rainy seasons; fire test proves burning modules will not melt; high salt resistance will ensure a good work well coastline areas; ammonia resistance ensures marshes area installation, and anti-PID test builds a reliable environment in harsh situation.

Additional information

Weight 19.5 kg
Cells 156x156mm

60 cells
72 cells


60 cells: 1650 x 992 x 35/40 mm
72 cells: 1956 x 992 x 35/40 mm

Junction Box

TüV Certified IP68