10th Year Anniversary Promotion

Hanover Solar GmbH

10th Year Anniversary Promotion

Hanover Solar GmbH is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. In these 10 years of activity, we’ve produced, delivered and installed GWs of Solar Panels.

Started in Hannover in 2008 with a limited production, we grow up in terms of Technologies, Efficiency, Quality and Certificates.

We are now able to deliver worldwide big quantity in a short time to our Customers in more than 59 Countries.


Discount Coupons for Solar Panels

To Celebrate together our Anniversary we are offering 1.000.000 € of Discount Coupons to our Customers, together with free gifts that you can collect to our offices or we can delivery with your order.

How to Get Your Discount’s Coupons
Access on Hanover Solar website at https://hanoversolar.net/register/
Create your account with you details and email address
Access to the Private Area and find your Coupons
You will get those Coupons

50€ Coupon

2x 50€ Discount Buy 1 pallet equals to 30 panels

100€ Coupon

2x 100€ Discount Buy 2 pallet equals to 60 panels

200€ Coupon

1x 200€ Discount Buy 4 pallet equals to 120 panels

500€ Coupon

1x 500€ Discount Buy 8 pallet equals to 240 panels

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Coupons can be used only to purchase our Solar Panels - Poly, Mono and Glass Glass.
  2. The Coupons can be used only from Registered Users on HanoverSolar.de
  3. The Coupons can be used only from Business Customers in the EU Area with a valid TAX ID number.
  4. Every Business User can register only one time into the system.
  5. The Discounts are available only purchasing directly from Hanover Solar BV and not from third-party distributors, agents and resellers
  6. In every order can be used only 1 Coupon per time
  7. The Prices of the panels also after discount need to be intended EXW EU Warehouses
  8. If the order is cancelled the Coupons can’t be refunded and reused.
  9. The Order needs to be confirmed and paid with T/T 100% in advance before 31.12.2018

Terms & Conditions 
in Dutch


Terms & Conditions 
in English